Heating an industrial space requires far more thought and planning than heating the average home. Industrial spaces can be many thousands of square feet in size. Tall ceilings and open spaces are far harder to heat than smaller ones.

As such, industrial air heating systems should always be installed with thought for the spaces that require them. Factory heating must keep workers warm, protect against extreme drops of temperature, and be fit for purpose. Since no two spaces are alike or cover the same square footage, consideration must be given to which system will be best for the job at hand.

Is low, medium, or high-pressure hot water required to heat the space?

The larger the space, the more likely it is that an MPHW (medium pressure hot water) system or a HPHW (high pressure hot water) system would be better than one operating at low pressure. While large systems can be created using MPHW, a larger industrial space will likely be more easily and efficiently heated using HPHW. This should be considered when planning the installation of heating systems into new builds or existing industrial spaces.

The importance of selecting the right batteries for the system

Determining which system would work best will make it easier to choose the best batteries to include within that system. If the system uses HPHW or steam as the main source of heat, the batteries used must reflect this. This applies if you are required to replace existing batteries that are not performing as they should, or which have reached the end of their life.

Seeking specialist providers of hot water and steam batteries will ensure your installations not only have the right quantity of batteries, but also that those batteries are fit for purpose. Heatxforce is experienced in providing steel finned steam batteries and HPHW batteries that meet and exceed all current applicable standards.

Steam batteries ability to resist high temperatures makes them the ideal choice when providing air heating systems in industrial spaces or other large buildings.

How to select the correct steam battery or hot water battery

You can benefit from our extensive knowledge of heat exchangers, dryers, and industrial air heating systems.  Batteries are designed and produced to fit with numerous applications and requirements. The tubes in each battery are made from steel (sometimes stainless) and will include fins made from one of three materials.

Some scenarios will require several batteries to provide the required power. In this case, the position of the batteries would be considered. The available space and requirements can determine whether vertical or horizontal batteries would be used. Vertical is always preferable, but your knowledge of the system and its requirements will highlight the best solution for each installation you complete.

Providing the best heating source for larger industrial spaces

Batteries are a vital part of the entire system. With substandard batteries or those that have not been designed for a specific space, it may be difficult if not impossible to achieve the best quality of heating.

To find out more about how Heatxforce can help you with Steel Finned Steam and HPHW batteries please visit https://www.heatxforce.co.uk/our-products/steel-finned-steam-hphw-batteries

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